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Sony Ericsson MBW-150 Bluetooth Watch

Thursday 22 November 2007 @ 4:24 pm

Sony Ericson MBW-150

Sony Ericsson and Fossil vendor an American company designed watch that which receive call phone. This watch be able memories for Sony Ericsson cell phone users when are call or message alert. The device equipped with Bluetooth that have connection to Sony Ericcson cell phone. MBW-150 give signal of vibrate when there are received call and message received.
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Sony Ericsson MBW-150 Bluetooth Watch

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Earth Watches – geek only -

Saturday 31 March 2007 @ 6:43 am

Earth Watches

A geek watches. Watch with small Earth that rotate once every 24hours. It’s kinda geeky right? Who need this watch? You. You the master of all geek.
This watch is made and designed in Japan by Seiko. With high quality parts from seiko. The bezel is45mm, and the case is made of lightweight Titanium. The crystal is super though Hardlex. So where’s the clock? The ring is the hour and a small orange dot is the minutes.

This is the feature of the watch.

* Watch with a small rotating Earth that makes a full rotation every 24 hours
* Quartz movement
* The entire case is made of light weight Titanium
* The virtual Earth rotates once a day as the real Earth does in a counter clockwise direction with the time zone indicator pointing to the correct hour on the bezel
* Created by a team of artists and designers from Japan with manufacturing assistance from Seiko Instruments
* Water resistant to 100m
* 10 year Lithium battery (included)

In ThinkGeek the price $499.99

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