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Guru matematika yg ‘cool’

Thursday 5 November 2009 @ 3:26 pm

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KAMASUTRA untuk orang IT

Thursday 5 November 2009 @ 3:13 pm
Kama Sutra untuk geek

Kama Sutra untuk geek


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Recent News From Akihabara: Japanese market gets its MSI Wind U100, the LuvBook U100 from Mouse Computer

Friday 27 June 2008 @ 4:51 pm

Mouse Computer will release new UMPC LuvBook U100, news of it can be seen in

luvBoox U100

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Futuristic, Posable, Magnetic, Acrobots!

Wednesday 30 April 2008 @ 10:10 am

This acrobots can pose atractive according to what we wish. You just move the flexible acrobots body and putting down in metallic place, because there are strong magnet in every parts of acrobots body. Interesting !


Source :

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WiFi Detector on a Shirt? It’s real!

Saturday 27 October 2007 @ 5:14 pm

Wifi Shirt
For you all the wifi-geeks. This products from thinkgeek is really fits you. A Wifi Detector on a shirt. Powered by three AAA battery that will last for hours. The right SHIRT for WarDriving. :D
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WiFi Detector on a Shirt? It’s real!

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