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Canon launched EOS 50D

Canon had finally launched EOS 50D,the highest resolution in his class, that was the improvement from the generation beforehand that is EOS 40D. was seen from his specification, apparently Canon EOS 50D will not disappoint you.

Canon EOS 50D

Several new matters to Canon EOS 50D were the censor CMOS the newest generation with the resolution 15,1 megapixel, the aim serial 6,3 pictures per the second with the depth of the support memory as far as 90 JPEG pictures, the newest DIGIC generation processor 4, the range of the sensitivity of the ISO censor 100 as far as the ISO 3200, could diekspansi as far as the ISO 12,800, 9 autofocus points, the LCD screen 3.0 inch with the resolution 922,000 pixel, Live View facilities with the mode of the Face Detection autofocus, material physical from magnesium alloy with the weatherproof seal, the system anti-dust EOS Integrated Cleaning System, and the HDMI connection.

Canon EOS 50Da

Canon EOS 50Db

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