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Time Capsule : A leap forward for backup

To back up become a process that which not tire, now Apple introduce the device so called Time Capsule. This device supported Wifi network 802.11n. Time capsule designed for collaboration with Time Machine application that be part of Leopard. Beside a storage place, Time Capsule also work as router which dividing to access internet. Not only that this device can be used as network printer divisor.

Time capsule

How with PC consumer besides Macinthos? Time Capsule also supporting with PC base on windows XP and Windows Vista. This device also support Mac which base on Tiger. Flew of Time Capsule is harddisk drive at this device cannot be released. From price side Apple offering for 500 GB version at the price of US$299 and 1TB version at the price of US$499. Price which is sensible enough. :D

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