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Panasonoic SDR-SW20 and SDR-S7: Holiday in camcordia

Tuesday 4 March 2008 @ 1:53 pm

Panasonic has launched SDR-SW20 and SDR-S7 camcoder that equipped with 32GB SDHC cards. Both camcorder uses 10x optical zoom lets user enjoy a high quality picture on 2.7-inch LCD.
Design compact and stylish and a waterproof camera makes it interest to buy. Get this camcorder in May this year for $399,95.



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Cheap Laptop Ready to Released

Monday 3 March 2008 @ 4:14 pm

After Asus launch Eee PC and Anoa Zyrex, nowadays Elonex launch cheap laptop, that called
Elonex One. Elonex One will be sold at the price of 100 poundsterling. ” One” will produce in a few colors that are pink, green, white and silver. 7-inch screen with LNX 300 MHz processor. Operating system relies on Linux. Beside there are facility WiFi for internet access, 128 MB DDR @, and 1GB data storage. Battery can stay until 4 hour. Target market this are school children. Its plan release in June 2008. Just wait!

elonex one

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