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HyOn MyWi T10 In-Car T-DMB Navigation

HyOn MyWi T10 In-Car T-DMB Navigation
It comes with a great exposure of the touchscreen from 7 inches (800×480), HyOn MyWi T10 is a wonderful navigation system of in-automobile T-DMB. The driver they can enjoy the mobile entertainment on–they go, comprised the TV satellite transmitted for radio, the audio and the video playback; with the ability to keep posted themselves of their route and to avoid to obtain lost on the road. And thanks to the relative possibility of elaboration multitask, driver, as an example, can watch the traversano film simultaneously while the programs. With the supplied full-functional remote control, the driver moreover they do not have have lost their concentration on the road if they wish to change the audio track. Moreover, input the composite allows that the film from the video external sources is played on T10. Other characteristics include a rabbet of shunting line card standard, two orificii of the USB, the connections of the external antenna for are the GPS that DMB and the precaricato software of navigation of Mappy.

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